The next Challenge starts April 29th 2019! 


We have changed our traditional 15 week challenge for 2019! 

This year we are proud to announce our partnership with a group of qualified nutritionists who will support you, our members to transforming your eating habits outside, so the work you do inside the gym is as effective and efficient for you to reach your Health & Fitness Goals


You are no longer competing against others. Rather you will work closely with one of our Personal Trainers and a Nutrition mentor to make sure you reach your personal goals. 


You will sit down with your trainer and talk about the goals you want to achieve over the 10 week challenge. Together you and your trainer will set out a 10 week plan to make sure that you are able to achieve these realistic, achievable goals that will leave you feeling amazing. 

Prices start at $49 per week. This includes 

1 30 minute personal training session per week 

10 Week Workout planner 

10 Week Challenge Nutrition Information Pack

10 Week Challenge meal plans and recipe book

Weekly emails from the nutrition team

Support group with constant support from nutrition team


No Entry fee 
Normal membership prices apply and PT costs may vary.