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The 15 week challenge is back!!

Starting February 15th

Do you want to create or build on a healthier lifestyle? 

Our 15 week challenge will help you do that, over the 15 weeks you will work with a trainer to form a individual plan to get you achieving what you want to achieve using smart goal setting. You may want to lose 5 kg, Squat an extra 10 kg, what ever the goal it is yours to achieve.

The trainer will create a program using at least 2 group fitness classes per week, as well as workout routine to follow in the gym for the rest of the week.

You will also be supported through the 15 weeks via a Facebook group with others doing the challenge, where there will be motivation tips, exercise ideas, recipes and more..

There are four categories to choose from ( you can pick more than one) 

  • Weight loss

  • Increase fitness

  • Increase strength

  • Adventure race (number of classes attended) 

$35 registration fee 
+ your personal training sessions

Minimum requirements are:

  • 2 x group fitness classes per week

  • 1 x personal training session at least fortnightly

  • Beginning and end measurements and exercise testing

**Normal membership prices apply and PT costs may vary.

Common questions:

- If I doing bootcamp, do my sessions there count towards my classes.. YES :) 
- Is there classes I will like... We have a range of class to suit any goal

Do I need to be fit to start this...  This is an individual challenge, so we are improving on your current level

If you have any other questions about the 15 week challenge please click here