Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor

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Bella has a holistic approach to health and fitness, promoting balance, healthy living and the importance of listening to your body. Being a competitive runner has taught her to stay in tune with her body.

Bella will teach you how to make your health a priority, which is when you will see long term and sustainable results, both physically and emotionally.

Bella loves High Intensity Interval Training because of its many benefits and has composed both running and gym workouts with some of the major benefits including toning, strength gain, fat loss and the ability to rapidly improve cardiovascular fitness.

Many clients choose this form of training for its time efficiency and variety.
If you prefer to work at a lower intensity, she will work with you and your goals to most effectively target fat loss and gain lean muscle.


– Personal Trainer Certified
– REPs Registered Personal Trainer
– Diploma in Human Diet and Nutrition
– Masters in Entrepreneurship
– Certificate 4 – Self Employed PT (Ongoing)
– First Aid Certified