Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Group Fitness Instructor, Massage Therapist

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Movement and body work has always been a part of my life. Dancing was my preferred way to move, which progressed in to yoga and then resistance training. Since deciding to put away my dancing shoes I qualified as a massage therapist, a yoga instructor and now a personal trainer and nutrition coach. 


I became a personal trainer because strength training is so important for everyone to be healthy and live their best life - no matter age or gender. Strength work has been underestimated for general and wellbeing for so long; I want to help people feel confident when they walk into the gym and reap the benefits of adding it to their routine!


I decided to pursue nutrition coaching alongside personal training because not only is nutrition one of the most important aspects of body composition goals but I want people, especially women, to learn that they can fuel their bodies properly - they don't have to over restrict (like diet culture would have us believe) and get out of the cycle of yo-yo dieting. 


What I Offer:

  • Personal Training programmes and sessions to suit your goals (fat loss, muscle gain, improved fitness, injury recovery)

  • Compassionate coaching with nutrition, habit and mindset (this covers a range of things, some examples are improving your relationship with food, incorporating healthy habits or approaching a fat loss phase)

  • Private yoga or mobility sessions 

  • Deep Tissue or Relaxing Massage

  • Your accountabila-buddy! Think of me as part of your support network, a friend, a guide, who is going to work with you step by step. 


Level 4 Personal Training & Group Fitness

PN Nutrition Coaching

EIQ Nutrition Coaching

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 

ITEC Level 3 Diploma Holistic Massage and Deep Tissue 

First Aid Certificate


If any or all of those things interest you, please feel free to give me a call, text or email and we can have a chat to figure out how I can help you reach your goals!