How to set up and Use your Gym Master app

Our member portal to book classes, childcare, and some of the other services we provide. 

Please follow the steps below to get you set up with the system.

Step 1:

• Download the GYM Master member app from App or Play store

Step 2: 

• When opening select you will get the following questions:

   o Notifications – Allow ( this will be used for updates )

   o Use Bluetooth – Don't Allow (not needed at this stage)


Step 3:
• Log in using email (has to be the email address on your membership account)

• Hit send log-in details. This will send you an email with a link to set your password

Step 4:

• Follow the instructions to set a password

• Once the password is set, log in through the App using your email and password

Congratulations you are all set up 😊


Now you are logged in and ready to go:


• You will be taken to the home screen and here you will see:
  - Upcoming classes, My bookings, Visit history, Club details

To Book a Class:

• Select "Book Class"

    • Look for the class you are after (you can group by class or by date)

    • Once found, select desired class or classes

    • Hit "Book now" and you are in


To view your classes or cancel your class:


• "My upcoming Bookings" – you will see all your booked classes


• If you can no longer make a booked class – please select which class and cancel your booking


Please note:

- You can do this through a web browser as well if you don't want to use an app

- If you have any issues give us a call or talk to us next time you are in


If you have any issues with setting this up, we can help you out at reception and get you sorted.

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