Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor




After studying and researching as a Marine Biologist, I realised that what I really like is people! So I decided to open a business with my husband, you might have seen us around with our Churros Olé! foodtruck.


Over 10 years ago I discovered fitness, and all the varieties and benefits it has! And my journey as a fitness professional began. First as a Zumba Instructor and then as Group Exercise Instructor (Yoga, STRONG Nation, Define, Cycle…). In my classes I could see that there were details I could not get through to my participants in the class environment, so I decided to dive into becoming a Personal Trainer and pursue, yet, another career!


What I love the most about fitness is that learning is never-ending! I find it fascinating to see how we can change our body shape and composition with what we do and eat. I admire the determination of everyone coming to the gym, each one with different backgrounds and goals. I love hearing about people’s stories and helping them find the workouts and habits that better suit them and their lifestyles.


My dream is to help you achieve YOUR goals, and have fun in the process.


Irene Specialises in the following areas:

Strength Training

Corrective Exercise

Nutrition Coaching


Health Coaching

Pre- and Postpartum Training

Group Fitness



Group Fitness Instructor (L3)

Multi Style Yoga Instructor

Zumba Instructor

STRONG Nation Instructor

Exercise Consultant (L3)

Exercise Consultant (L4)

IIN Health Coach

PN Nutrition Coach

GGS Women’s Coach

Biomechanics Method Corrective Exercise Specialist

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