Personal Trainer / Group Fitness Instructor

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In 2015 Jake had zero sporting history and a BMI classified as ‘Obese’, with fitness to match. This all changed when he decided to make an effort at a healthier life and became a member at ABSolute, falling in love with the physical and mental benefits of exercise. Over the years he has equipped himself with the tools to help others make the same change!


Jake has a holistic approach to training, enjoying various forms of strength, hypertrophy and mobility training. He believes working out should be fun and enjoyable rather than a chore, and aims to help anyone who needs it develop a positive relationship with exercise.


“Exercise is a mental and physical medicine everyone should be taking, and it’s a whole lot easier when you like the taste of it! Find your flavour!”



Jake’s Personal Training focuses on:
• Improving mobility

• Strength training
• Increasing muscle mass
• Boxing fitness and technique training
• High intensity circuit training



Qualifications and experience:
• Diploma in applied Sport & Exercise Leadership
• REP's Registered Personal Trainer

• Workplace First Aid trained


027 433 5394