Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor

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Nathan’s background in high level competitive sport has always been the fuel for his own personal strength and fitness goals, learning to channel his drive for success in sports and training towards helping others achieve their goals large or small has become his new passion.


His belief is that everybody young or old, large or small could and should be confident and happy in any form of exercise environment. Nathan will help guide you to be both capable and competent in all aspects of your health journey.


With starting playing football at age three to competing provincially and nationally in long distance running, Athletics, Basketball and most notably Volley-ball Nathan has changed his own body composition drastically and now looks to aid others in the journeys to become leaner, fitter, stronger or even just healthier mind and body.


Nathan focuses on a blend of specific weight training and high intensity cardio training in attempt to get the best results in the most efficient amount of time. Although strength training and muscle building is his current focus and thoroughly enjoys coaching others in this way.


-Diploma in Applied Sport and Exercise Leadership from the Sports Institute of Otago merit.
-First Aid Certified