Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor


Jenna has been in and around the gyms and sport, since she made her lifestyle change for the better over ten years ago.  Watching people get amongst it, for fun and the challenge, playing indoor soccer, basketball, squash and keeping strong in the gym inspired her to return to work in the fitness industry. 

Jenna has three years’ experience as a group fitness instructor, while she completed her Bachelor of Applied Science in Physical Activity Health and Wellness, with distinction.  During her study she has researched pelvic floor function and dysfunction.  This under recognised, yet vital part of the body  has become Jenna’s passion and focus for training, as it applies to everybody.

Through personal training she injects enjoyment and challenge to her sessions to help her clients achieve the best of themselves.

Whether wanting to have a new approach to your training or returning to exercise after baby, Jenna’s enthusiastic, knowledgeable and caring approach to training is for you.

Weight loss, build strength, toning

Pelvic floor safe exercise.

Over 65 strength and flexibility

If you want to discover your best you, it’s never too late.  Give me a message or a call.

Its never to late to be, what you might have been.